Founded by Kim Brannock, SY DESIGN is a freelance design firm specializing in outerwear, activewear and casual sportswear. Our team brings significant experience from the outdoor and snowsport industries to an extensive design process. But there's more to success than years spent at a company, and our passion is found outside. Self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies, we're focused on delivering top-notch, innovative products that we'd use ourselves.

As a company, SY DESIGN follows in that mold, grounding bold ideas in insight and instinct. By balancing the realities of business against lofty design abmitions, we can work with you to create a competitive edge in a crowded market.

SY Pronunciation: 'sI

shorthand for "serendipity", and while great design may not be accidental, SY Design is sticking to its beliefs that good karma brought you here. That's why we're devoted to keeping luck on our side by delivering the highest-quality work, time and time again.

Layering is wearing a combination of clothes to regulate your body temperature, so you don't overheat or get cold. The system must match the climate conditions you are in, your activity level and your individual thermostat. Layers are broken into three categories: Inner, mid, and outer. These three layers act in unison (to trap heat, wick moisture, breathe, block wind, and repel water) but individually each layer performs specific functions.

Inner Layer: The inner layer, also called a base layer, is the first layer of clothing you wear, directly contacting your skin. Long or short sleeve tops, full-length bottoms or briefs, and sock liners are examples of inner layers. A base layer should fit snug. This fit lets the material quickly wick away moisture from your skin keeping you dry and warm. Inner layer materials are often made of polyester, polypropylene, silk, or a mix of synthetic and natural insulating and wicking fibers, like polyester and wool. Inner layers are classified in three weight types.

The hexagon shape of the chicken wire print inside this parka inspired the quilting pattern for this unique 600 fill power down parka. We spent a great deal of time engineering the quilting panels so that they could each be filled as individual channels for maximum 'puff' factor. Jill Dunnigan of Extremely Canadian, We just got back from an awesome trip to Japan. 400+cm base and 20-40cm fresh daily. It's just sick. We didn't take many digi photos, but here is one of Derek (in Peter's Big Puff jacket) and me in the 'Hokkaido Fox' puff. We wore them the entire time. Peter wore his white one. He is hogging two as everyone is jonesing for one. We are even thinking about making it World Tour uniform. It is an absolute hit.

We are inspired by every aspect of our environment, constantly taking photos of color and texture as we see them. SY Design can provide color palettes for you from the ground up, or we can just help you with how to put colors together, whatever your needs our team can help to bring it all to life and build fully merchandised color stories from top to bottom.

From concept to completion, we start with a pencil and paper because we believe in good old fashioned creativity and we've never met a computer that can draw as well as we can. Once the ideas are polished, we move them into the computer to create final drawings and complete technical packages to meet your needs.

Because of our diverse background and the time that we have spent working directly with factories overseas, we are able to provide extensive fit and styling feedback once first prototypes are received. We work with your team to troubleshoot possible production challenges, and to streamline patterns to improve usages. Our goal is to help you make the best products that will in turn bring you the highest return on your investment.

We believe that great product is the result of a team effort, that's why we have access to a network of outdoor adrenaline junkies that we can arrange focused meetings with to review new concepts, fit, function, and overall appeal. SY Design can help you to exceed the expectations of the market with our team approach to the design process.

Portland, Oregon is home to many artists, we are constantly meeting new talented young designers and are making them an extension of our team. Looking for some new ideas for T-shirts, wanting custom print and pattern design for fabrics, or maybe you are looking for design ideas for garment trims? We can work with you to create bold and exciting new ideas, or to just freshen up what you may already have.

The culmination of feedback from hard core free skiers combined with a trip to Home Depot for inspiration spawned this 3-in-1 style for Columbia's Titanium collection. Chad Hendren a Canadian freeskier had this to say about his Main Man Parka, ... Awesome all mountain jacket! built for shredding all day, hiking the pipe or busting under permy closed ropes, and showing off what you got. Love the White with green trimmings, pockets functional for lots of stuff, of course supplied with a cell phone pocket and MP3 holster and built in goggle bag! Interior very comfortable and very cool looking with flouro green and chicken wire accents. I could run a business in this jacket! clip in liner with three piece hood very functional, zipper tags are also very functional with lots of grip!...Love this Jacket! reminds me of a military style coat, I will wear this coat everyday in bounds skiing!

Not sure how to get started? Need help creating a line plan, setting price targets, sales goals, or creating cohesive collections and color stories to present to retailers and the trade? Wondering how to take your product line to the next level? We can share our knowledge with you and help you to create dynamic product lines.

Inspired by the diamond shaped quilting found on furniture, the Ore-gomi has a cute factor that makes it unique in the marketplace. Kara Dolan a coach for Extremely Canadian, Whistler B.C. had this to say about her Ore-gomi, I love the look and warmth of this jacket. When I was in Utah last month two men came up to me and asked me where they could buy my outfit for their wives ... Love the fur, my mother thinks it's hilarious that I now wear a snow white parka with fur on the hood -guess I'm growing up! I really like the diamond design and feel fantastic wearing this jacket.

In this digital age we find constant ideas from the things that surround us everyday, news, magazines, the internet, art museums, music, architecture, our own in-house library, and popular culture. We are constantly sharing with each other the things that we find, creating a culture of innovation, and an environment for good design.

These are just a few of the more technical performance pieces that we have created, they are a small sampling of what you can expect from SY Design.

This 3-Layer backcountry shell was the first successful style of it's kind for Columbia Sportswear. The simple styling and attention to backcountry touring needs made this style a favorite among the users who wear tested it. Reggie Crist, Skier-X professional racer, Wanted to provide some feedback on the Selkirk Jacket- love the material and the pockets... otherwise don't change a thing.

In our almost primal instinct to expand our horizons, we regularly attend trade shows around the globe. As we expose ourselves to new markets we also attend experimental shows, allowing us to learn and to bring fresh ideas from one discipline to another to share with you.

In our lifetimes wanderlust has reached epic proportions as men and women crisscross the globe looking for adventure and experience, living vicariously through other cultures. The more we travel the more we know... Our team travels to places like Whistler - Canada, Mt. Hood - Oregon, Jackson - Wyoming, Chamonix - France, St. Anton - Austria, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Banff - Canada for experiences, ideas, and the sheer passion of exploration. We spend as much time as we can outside, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, boarding, golfing, fishing, trail running, river rafting, and camping. When we can't get outside, the gym and yoga classes keep us ready for our next adventure. We bring that energy and those experiences back to work with us, and ultimately to you.

What can we say, we love shopping and research almost as much as we love to get outside. We can prepare trend reports, shop for samples, provide internet site lists, create themed design directions, as well as updating your merchandising, sales, or design team with key trends that we see happening in the market.

Trend & Style Research Wanderlust is in our DNA. It's a desire for the new, the strange, the forbidden. It is planes, trains, and automobiles, and a lot more besides. Wanderlust sent Columbus across the ocean and put man on the moon. Is is an essential condition of art and culture, infusing it with energy, vitality, and compassion; without it the world is a smaller more insular place. - Black Book Magazine We regularly travel to places like New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, and Seattle, to keep a good pulse on what's going on out there. We also seek out exciting new places that we have not been before to broaden our exposure to the ever changing market. All of this shopping helps us to bring you the freshest ideas possible, a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

The thing about skiwear is that there is so much out there that is the same. The Voulez Vous took its inspiration from street wear and became a sassy short denim inspired style, with a fit that made every girl who tried it on feel good. The inside of this jacket treats the customer to fur lining, fun prints, and details galore. It became a huge success and spawned a new style of more progressive design for Columbia. What a fine idea. With its clean, elegant lines and novel stylings, the 'Voulez Vous' parka lends a cool, contemporary edge to classic ski wear. This is a chic marriage of fashion and function. - Marie Pointuier, NY Correspondent-French Vogue